Whistler Summer Glacier Hike



LOCATION: Whistler, BC



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Enjoy the magnificent scenery as you hike on top of Whistler Mountain. Enjoy the spectacular scenery as you ride the gondola to the top of Whistler Mountain. Here you will meet your guide who will lead you on the discovery of the awesome beauty of the mountain top glaciers and spectacular views. Learn how these huge deposits of ice were formed and how they have been changing over the past 10,000 years. Your guide will briefly explain the principles of glaciology and you will marvel at the ever changing crevasses with colours ranging from the purest white to the deepest blue as they disappear into the depths of the glacier.

On the Glacier Hike your guide will lead you across glacial snow and ice into the Whistler Bowl. You will be led on a short-roped mountaineering ascent of the alpine bowl – like how all of the world’s great peaks were traditionally climbed! Learn how to travel on and climb a glacier while recognizing and avoiding crevasses. At the top, gaze in amazement at the snow capped peaks of the Coastal Mountain Range as you take a 360º view of this alpine wonderland.



DATE: 6/1/2010

Enjoyed this experience. It was fun. Highly recommended!


DATE: 6/1/2011

This was fun. Tiring because of all the walking but fun.

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