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Experience the exhilaration of flying as you glide along the zipline suspended high above Ontario’s Elora Gorge. r experience starts with a fun morning where you will learn how to rappel from a 65 foot high cliff, a necessary skill for your afternoon adventure on the Zipline. Once you’ve mastered the rappelling technique you make your way to the Zipline start point at the edge of a cliff 80 feet above the Elora Gorge. Here your instructor will make sure that you are comfortable with the Zipline and will carefully go over the required procedures to ensure your comfort and safety on the run.

Then you are strapped into your harness and you’re off propelling yourself from the edge of the 80 foot cliff and flying through the air for 200 feet across the gorge. Now it’s time to use your rappelling skills as you rappel down like a human spider to the shallow river below.

The fun is not over yet! Your adventure continues as you zip and rappel for the rest of the afternoon (on average 3-5 times).

What a run, not only will the view take your breath away but we are certain that you’ll be back for more.



DATE: 6/1/2011

I can rappel and zipline all day, everyday! Will surely be back for more!


DATE: 6/1/2010

Exciting and adrenalin pumping but safe. I recommend this to those who want a real adventure.

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