Zipline Flight Adventure For Two



LOCATION: Whistler, BC



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Experience the exhilaration of flying as you both glide along steel ziplines suspended high above the breathtaking white water river that divides Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Your Zipline experience starts at the zipline base station where you and your partner will be fitted with equipment and undertake a practice zipline run. From here you are taken in a 4-wheel drive van (snow cat in winter) to the start of the ride. You are then fitted into a safety harness and following a few practice minutes you are free to fly on your guided tour through the unique, untouched canopy of this ancient coastal temperate rainforest.

Ziplines are joined by a network of boardwalks and trails and by aerial stairways and bridges at heights of over 30 metres in the tree canopy. You will soon gain confidence and find yourself performing aerobatics, turning upside down and flying along at up to 50 km per hour on the wire.



DATE: 5/1/2012

My brother was really scared at first. The crew at the site eventually succeeded in persuading him to go for it!

 REVIEWER: Brandon

DATE: 5/1/2011

Thank you to Perfect Day for this experience. We enjoyed it

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