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Both of you will delight in our Luxury Spa for Two at one of Toronto’s premier spas. Located in the trendy Yorkville area of downtown Toronto, you will quickly discover why customer reviews of Novo Spa consistently rate it as one of the best. Your spa begins with a complimentary visit to our sauna, steam and colour therapy experience. This will relax, soothe and then melt your tension away, preparing you to fully embrace the benefits of your treatments to come.

You will both then enter our exclusive Couples’ Suite, which has been designed and equipped with everything a couple needs to enjoy a private and personal escape, featuring a couple’s shower offering a delicious rainforest cascade, steam, body jets, color and aromatherapy.

While relaxing in your couple’s suite, you will both receive a one hour aromatherapy massage. The properties in the aromatherapy essential oils used during your massage penetrate the body to restore health and well being throughout. The oil is absorbed by the skin and transported through the body’s blood and lymphatic system to organs, glands, nerves and soft tissue. Common ailments that can be treated are stress, anxiety, headaches, trouble sleeping, fluid retention, muscle aches and pains, circulation and fatigue.

The combination of superior products and the caring service of our highly skilled and professional staff in our soothing, comfortable environment will guarantee your peace of mind and well being.

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