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LOCATION: Brampton, ON



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Passing your provincial driving test is the first step in learning to become a safe and confident driver. Also, if it has been a while since first learning to drive then chances are you've developed a few bad habits on the road. This full day advanced driving skills experience has been developed for all drivers, regardless of age or experience, to help make you safer and more confident on Ontario's roads. Your day begins with a morning classroom session where advanced driving techniques will be explained as well as vehicle knowledge and maintenance. You will be taught the correct way to handle your car under different road conditions and how to safely and effectively use your car's mirrors. Skills such as vision training, information processing and driver psychology make up this Proactive Driver program.

Following the theory session you will move outdoors to begin putting the morning's lessons in hands-on practice. Each driving exercise you perform has been designed to help you learn how to control your car and understand how and why it reacts as it does under different conditions. With our advanced driving instructor sitting beside you you will develop your skills on our specially designed skid pad, practice emergency braking, collision avoidance and emergency lane changes.

At the end of the day you will leave with an array of new driving skills to make you a better and safer winter driver as well as a skills handbook and program certificate.

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