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Test your own car and yourself in this amazing professional track driving experience. This a true driver learning experience where you will be shown the techniques and skills required for improving your knowledge and capabilities on our professional track with professional instructors. Your day begins with an ‘On Track’ inspection of your vehicle to ensure that it complies with our recognized safety requirements before attending our mandatory drivers meeting prior to your first track session.

If this is your first time then you will also receive a one hour theory lesson before taking to the track covering such things as track etiquette, overtaking procedures, safety awareness and on track flag recognition. At this stage first time participants with relevant experience will be placed on a ‘check ride’ to determine their appropriate group for the day.

You are now assigned an in-car instructor who will accompany you on your first 25 minute session of track driving where you will learn the skills necessary to drive your car through the demanding challenges and advanced manoeuvres in the exciting environment of our professional racing track.

A further three sessions will advance your skills further and you will be given the opportunity at any time to progress to the next level. This experience is designed to develop and enhance your advanced driving skills and is not intended to develop you as a racing car driver.

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