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Driving safely in severe winter conditions demands a new set of skills not usually called upon at other times of the year.  This full day driving experience will teach you the car handling skills needed to keep you safe in limited traction conditions, such as driving safely on snow and ice. You will be practicing all the techniques in your own private car to ensure that everything you learn can be applied to real-life conditions.

Your day begins with a morning classroom session where advanced winter driving techniques will be explained as well as vehicle maintenance and how to select the most appropriate tires for your winter driving conditions. Driving in severe winter conditions means you need to often apply a different range of skills both in vehicle handling and driver psychology. During your experience you will learn not only how to avoid skids but importantly how to control and safely recover from a skid.

Following the theory session you will move outdoors to begin putting the morning's lessons in hands-on practice. Each driving exercise you perform has been designed to help you learn how to control your car and understand how and why it reacts as it does under different conditions. With our advanced driving instructor sitting beside you you will develop your skills on our specially designed skid pad, practice emergency braking, collision avoidance and emergency lane changes.

At the end of the day you will leave with an array of new driving skills to make you a better and safer winter driver as well as a skills handbook and program certificate.

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