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LOCATION: Penticton, BC



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An incredible hands-on learning experience, where you will learn the skills of a professional in a NASCAR style race car.  This full day experience begins with a short classroom session that introduces you to some of the basic concepts of high-performance driving techniques such as tail braking, understeer, oversteer and left foot braking. You will also be shown how to drive a smooth and consistent race line and taught the differences between a race line and setup versus a qualifying race line and setup.

Driver safety, car functions and car setup are also covered extensively. Now it’s off to the track where your instructor takes you as a passenger around the track to familiarize you with the lines and breaking points. You are then suited up for your first 10 lap session where you will receive instruction via in car radio as you negotiate the exciting twists and turns of this professional track. Following this first experience you are brought in for a critique of your driving skills whilst you take a break and watch other drivers testing their skills before your second session of 15 laps.

Before the afternoon session there is a break for lunch when you can relax and discuss the coming 15 laps, where you will be on the track with another driver in his own car. This is where you will learn the importance of mirrors, concentration and consistency.

Your instructors will assist as NASCAR type spotters to let you know where the other driver is on the track. A passing line will be designated to prevent a slower driver from impeding your progress.



DATE: 5/1/2011

Because of this experience, I am now the envy of my friends. They say they are going to try it too. But I was the first!

 REVIEWER: Samantha

DATE: 5/1/2011

Who says cars are only for boys! I went through this experience and had soo much fun!

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