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A mission in our F/A-18 Jet Fighter simulators is sure to hit your gift-giving target and bring your pilots home smiling! Our F/A-18 simulators are so like the real cockpit as to be suitable for military squadron-level training. Within the cockpit all major switches, selector knobs, and instrumentation are fully functional, providing you with real-life Multi Function Displays, Heads Up Display, Back up flight instrument set and engine/fuel status instruments.

The replica SJU-17 ejection seat completes the cockpit equipment giving you the sensation of sitting in an actual F/A-18 cockpit.

Upon your arrival at our base you will be introduced to your Mission Commander who will provide you with your mission details for the experience ahead.

As a first step, your instructor will take you through the paces on our PC simulators to show you the critical skills and systems you'll use during your flight in the F/A-18 simulator. Key topics covered include: Flight skills, Systems operation details, Mission procedures, Air combat skills instruction.

You now climb aboard your F/A-18 Hornet air combat flight simulator for one hour of high-intensity flying, fighting and air-to-air combat.

Your experience makes you the pilot of one of the fastest, most powerful jet fighters to fly in the military today.

You'll be in communications throughout your mission with your instructor in the control tower and the other pilots on your mission, so you're never stranded in the skies.



DATE: 1/1/2012

Husband beamed like a child when he knew I got him this experience. He can't stop talking about it. I think I have to find him another experience gift to make him stop!


DATE: 3/1/2011

This is an A1 experience. Really enjoyed it.

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