Jet Airliner Simulator One Hour Experience for 2



LOCATION: Mississauga, ON



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Our B 777-200ER is the most meticulously detailed, high performance airline transport simulator aircraft you will ever step into, short of becoming a real 777 captain. Our team of aviation professionals has spent the better part of a year expertly crafting, in exacting detail, every inch of the flight deck to assure you get the most immersive experience possible.

Our 777 has a fully functioning flight deck in order for you to customize your experience to suit whatever challenge and/or difficulty you desire.

Our gigantic wrap around screen features all HD display, enhanced scenery, air and ground traffic, and a powerful weather engine capable of producing any weather combination your heart desires. From a tranquil sunset blanketing the South Pacific to stormy conditions as you approach Toronto Pearson International Airport – our visuals will convince you that you are actually part of the team.

This experience is perfect for the curious couple interested in getting a look at the highly restrictive inner sanctum of a jet airliner. Look up the most challenging approaches and takeoffs in the world on the internet and bring them with you, and our instructor will show you how to do them like the pros!

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Mississauga, ON

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