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LOCATION: Mississauga, ON



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Our B 777-200ER is the most meticulously detailed, high performance airline transport simulator aircraft you will ever step into, short of becoming a real 777 captain. Our team of aviation professionals has spent the better part of a year expertly crafting, in exacting detail, every inch of the flight deck to assure you get the most immersive experience possible.

Our 777 has a fully functioning flight deck in order for you to customize your experience to suit whatever challenge and/or difficulty you desire.

Our gigantic wrap around screen features all HD display, enhanced scenery, air and ground traffic, and a powerful weather engine capable of producing any weather combination your heart desires. From a tranquil sunset blanketing the South Pacific to stormy conditions as you approach Toronto Pearson International Airport – our visuals will convince you that you are actually part of the team.

For those that want a deeper level of understanding of the systems and procedures that real pilots use in commercial operations. Extra time is included to plan a short cross country, or practice takeoffs and landings at different airports around the world with real time weather conditions and enhanced HD scenery.

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Mississauga, ON

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