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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to fly a modern jet airliner? Well, now you can experience the closest thing to flying a real airliner in our Boeing 737-800 Next Generation Simulator with this in-depth, four hour intensive experience!  This experience is for one or two people as the simulator has two pilot seats.

During your simulator session you will learn all about the planning, systems, and operations of the world's most popular jet airliner. And you will get to experience full flight mission simulations of the type used to train commercial pilots and air crew.

Upon arrival at the flight centre you will receive a half hour of pre-flight briefing with one of our qualified instructors. You will learn the basics of the 737-800's systems and customize your simulator session goals and objectives. You may choose to fly several city to city legs, practice emergency situations, or do several approaches into some of the world's most difficult airports under adverse weather conditions!

Following your pre-flight briefing you will then proceed along with your instructor into our Boeing 737-800 simulator where for the next 3.5hrs you will be fully immersed in all aspects of a commercial airline flight.

You will be amazed by the detail and real-life feel of the cockpit, so realistic in fact that our simulators are used by airlines, pilots and mechanics for commercial training.

As soon as you complete your pre-flight check you will slowly manoeuvre your 737-800 onto the runway ready for take-off and your next few hours as an airline pilot.

At the close of your experience you will be given a detailed DVD of your simulator flight as a souvenir of you flying a jet airliner!



DATE: 10/1/2011

That was awesome! Gave me a peek at my future job! Thanks mom and dad.


DATE: 8/1/2010

I love this experience. It was my sister's graduation gift for me. I got to bring my friends along to experience it, too!

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