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LOCATION: Collingwood, ON



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Experience the thrill of flight and learn how to control your own aircraft in this incredible flying lesson experience.  Your experience starts with an on-ground session where you will learn about the main control surfaces of an aircraft and how they work. The components of the aircraft will be pointed out and the functions of each carefully explained. You will learn how to inspect the aircraft and how to prepare for flight.

A short theory session will explain the basic attitudes and movements of an aircraft in flight and how to fly straight and level. You will also learn about different types of climbs and descents and how to initiate a climb, descent and turn. Safety considerations such as weather, a good lookout, right of way and transfer of control will also be explained.

Now it’s into the air and once airborne your flight instructor will put you through your paces with the ultimate thrill of letting you take the controls as you pilot the aircraft on your own.



DATE: 2/1/2012

I was really scared at first, couldn't imagine I could fly a plane. But I did, thanks to an awesome instructor!


DATE: 5/1/2012

I did not want to get off the plane after the lesson! That was how great it was.

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Collingwood, ON

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