Tandem Hang Gliding Flight






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Experience the magic of free flight as you and your instructor soar into the wild blue yonder. At the centre you meet your professional instructor who will familiarize you with the operation of the hang glider and then you are strapped into your comfortable harness together with your instructor by your side who will guide you on this flight of discovery. Take off is easy as the hang glider is slowly towed on its own wheels by a winch and before you know it you gently lift off from the smooth grassy field air strip and into the air.

As you climb effortlessly to a minimum of 1,000 feet the winch lets go and you’re flying like a bird as your instructor gently manoeuvres your craft to catch any thermals that are around as you gaze in awe at the countryside laid out below you. All too soon it’s time to return as you lazily descend to the grassy field below you and come in for a smooth wheeled landing. Our specially mounted camera has been taking digital pictures during your flight and a CD will be presented to you for you to take home.

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