Light Sport Aircraft from Barrie to Toronto City Airport & Back






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This amazing 90 minute Light Sport Aircraft flying lesson experience takes place at 2,500 to 3500 feet and at speeds averaging 100 miles per hour. See the panorama of the countryside from a bird’s point of view in this amazing flying experience. Your LSA flying lesson begins with a short briefing and lesson plan where you will be shown around the aircraft and taught important pre-flight checks. It's then into the aircraft where you will take your seat at the shared controls of the LSA and your instructor will taxi into position for take-off.

This local scenic tour and lesson experience gives you a chance to view Toronto from a whole new perspective as you spend 90 minutes flying from Barrie to Toronto and back. During the flight you will learn how to gain altitude, lose altitude, turn and bank as well as how to ensure the aircraft stays on course. You will actually fly the LSA with your instructor by your side with dual controls.

Tell your pilot where you live and he’ll do his best to perform an impressive flyby enabling you to take a picture of your own backyard as an impressive memento for the family album.

Your instructor will land the aircraft and once back on the ground he will take you through the post-flight lesson debrief.

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