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Leap from around 9,500 feet linked to an experienced instructor. Dive through an exhilarating and extraordinary freefall before your parachute opens and you float gently back to earth. The experience starts with a thorough ground-based briefing on skydiving and landing techniques that will instruct and reassure you. You are then kitted up and, with your instructor, board your plane for the twenty minute flight to 9,500 feet. Take time to view the spectacular scenery from this unique vantage point as you gaze at the patchwork quilt of farmland below you and the blue of Lake Simcoe nearby. Try and spot the CN Tower as the adrenaline rush slowly builds inside you.

At jump height you are securely harnessed to your instructor who will help you jump from the plane. He will open the parachute after your amazing free fall together and control the descent giving you the ideal opportunity to check out the view and feel the rush of air as you gently float towards the landing area and a soft, easy touchdown.

After your jump, you return to the centre building where you can view high resolution digital stills of your performance and purchase copies for a small fee if you wish.

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