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Experience the thrill, speed and sensation of flying that makes parachuting an adventure that’s hard to equal. Learn to parachute jump and experience the exhilaration of being airborne in this exciting sport. Following four to five hours of thorough ground-based training with our internationally recognised instructor you are kitted up for the short flight to your drop zone at 3,000 feet. As you prepare for your jump with the sound of the wind rushing past the open door of the aircraft, gaze across the landscape to the vast expanse of Lake Simcoe shimmering in the distance.

Now it’s time to jump and with the encouragement of your instructor you exit the plane and following a few seconds of freefall you feel a gentle tug as your parachute opens bringing your descent to a gentle float as you guide your parachute towards the landing area and a soft, easy touch down. Throughout the descent you are in constant contact with ground staff via two way radio and through their guidance and instructions and your earlier training you will be amazed at how easy it was and how much you are looking forward to your next jump.

After your jump, you return to the centre building where you can view high resolution digital stills of your performance and purchase copies for a small fee if you wish.

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