All About Red Wines Seminar for Six



LOCATION: Saint John, NB



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The skills of the sommelier revealed in the comfort of your own home. In this experience our wine expert will help you appreciate and understand the different red wine producing regions and how the grape varieties exhibit their telltale personalities. Our sommeliers years of training will guide you through the basic understanding of how sight, smell and taste will enable you to detect the slightest variations in the appreciation of red wine.

For this session we will explore the basics of red wine production as well as highlight the qualities of the major red grape varieties by sampling four different red wine varietals. In experiencing how Chianti differs from Shiraz, you will begin to understand why the wines taste the way they do and why they each exhibit their own flavour signatures.

This experience will leave you with a key understanding of why wines from cooler and warmer regions often taste the way they do and why they tend to grow certain grapes over others.

Our sommelier, who is a highly skilled professional, together with their personable style will ensure that your evening is a complete success.

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Saint John, NB

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