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LOCATION: Edmonton, AB



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The skills of the sommelier revealed in the comfort of your own home. Our wine expert will help take the mystery out of wine tasting and help you understand and appreciate the years of training, dedication and experience necessary to achieve the required standards for this highly skilled profession. Our expert will introduce you to the tools of the trade and outline an understanding of the importance of sight, smell and taste and how these senses are honed to perfection in order to detect the slightest variation whilst at the same time increasing your understanding and appreciation of the wines of the world.

The mystique and misconceptions of food and wine matching will also be deconstructed during this session as you sample from an expertly selected choice of fine cheese cuts with wines to suit. Our wine expert, who is a highly skilled professional, together with his/her personable style will ensure that your evening is a complete success.

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Edmonton, AB

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