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Learn the principles of this age-old sport from one of Canada’s top archery instructors. At the archery range, which has hosted the International, Canadian and Ontario Championships, you are introduced to your professional instructor who will familiarize you with the archery equipment you will be using and make sure that you have a complete understanding of the required safety procedures, including the range commands being used in the program.

Your instructor will then help you to determine your eye dominance, a critical step in the learning process, and introduce you to the principals behind learning how to select an appropriate bow. Once you have your archery tackle you will learn how to string and unstring a bow properly, before taking aim and releasing your arrow down the range to your target.

The range you will be using during your lesson is a state-of-the-art 30m x 15m heated indoor range. The range is set up in 10 lanes with shooting distances from 10m to 25m. Most of the indoor shooting is done at 18 meters.

This is the perfect experience for getting you started in this rewarding and addictive pastime.



DATE: 7/1/2012

I am such a sharp shooter! Thanks for this great experience.


DATE: 8/1/2010

I am so good at this! Will be coming back for more to perfect what I just learned.

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