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LOCATION: Vancouver, BC



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This is the perfect experience for you to create your own portrait of a family loved one or pet in the relaxed atmosphere of your own surroundings. Our professional artist will come to you and in the privacy of your home will help you learn to draw exactly what you see. She will explain the fundamentals of how to draw a face from a photograph using pencil with soft pastels. Soft pastel is an inexpensive medium that allows you to draw whilst at the same time learning about colour and the tonal values of light and shade.

Our artist believes that everyone has the creative ability to draw and that it’s just a matter of unlocking your hidden talent which she will do in the first part of this experience with step by step formulas specifically designed to do just this, reinforced with practical demonstrations. You will discover that with this exclusive attention from our artist you will quickly develop your own style. A lunch break is followed by the next session where you will put into practice your newly discovered skills in creating your first life likeness.

At the end of this fun day you will have discovered skills that you never thought you had and will have opened a new door to a fascinating and creative world.

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Vancouver, BC

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