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An exciting gift, allowing you the opportunity to learn the Olympic sport of fencing with this five lesson package. Fencing is an intense and entertaining sport with a long tradition and unique etiquette; it helps build fitness, athleticism, discipline, and coordination.

Your lessons begin with a safety briefing, then a warm up and stretch before learning the three essential skills of modern fencing: footwork, blade dexterity, and tactics. These are universal skills that can be learned at any age and which the fencer strives to continually improve upon.

Footwork moves the fencer into scoring distance to deliver the touch, or to move away in defence from an attack. Bladework allows the fencer to hit his or her opponent and deflect an attack, and tactics are employed for the thinking and planning used by a fencer to deceive his or her opponent in this game of physical chess.

It is these three skills that you will focus upon during your five lesson experience.

This five lesson experience is the perfect gift for someone who has never fenced before and is looking to get into the exciting sport of fencing as well as for those who have a little more experience and are looking to improve their skill and technique.



DATE: 1/1/2011

Thanks to my mom for the lessons. I now know the basics of fencing and I'm gonna train real hard.


DATE: 9/1/2010

Terrific experience! Enjoyed the lessons and planning to make fencing my sport.

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