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Learn the basics of handling and caring for these amazing creatures as you both progress to a personal interaction with your first Raptor. Your day at the centre starts with a brief history of falconry and how different birds of prey have been used for man’s benefit over the centuries, right up to the present day. Action follows, with a chance to practice and perfect the falconer’s knot as well as become familiar with falconry equipment and maintenance, in preparation for handling the birds in your afternoon session. This is followed by a walk through the naturally landscaped grounds where you will see and learn about owls, hawks, falcons and eagles in a variety of settings.

As you will discover most of the birds here are captive-bred birds of prey that are trained to work for a living, doing anything from flying demonstrations at the centre to an environmentally controlled approach to pest bird management. You work with the falconer, preparing the birds for the flying demonstration at noon and are rewarded by the thrill of watching the birds in action.

You will also be introduced to the basics of handling your own bird. One of our full time falconers will explain the first steps and will get you to actually pick up and ‘man’ (accustom the bird to its trainer) a variety of birds. After watching and learning the principles of bird training, you are ready, with the help of your falconer, for the first flight to your gloved fist. You will help the falconer by flying a bird in the afternoon flying demonstration. The course ends as you free-fly a bird of prey. Before going home, you will receive your Certificate of Introduction to Falconry.



DATE: 3/1/2011

Gave this as a reward for my twins and they loved it. Took a lot of pictures so they'll remember the experience!


DATE: 3/1/2011

Went through this experience with my wife, who really likes birds. Sure was fun!

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