Whale Watching for Family of Four



LOCATION: Victoria, BC



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See killer whales up close and personal as you ride the waves in our purpose built luxury motor yacht. ke your seats and be prepared for the amazing sight as killer whales, in their annual journey to Alaska, hunt migrating salmon on their way to spawn in their ‘home’ rivers along BC’s Pacific coast.

Views on our 61 foot luxury motor yacht are unobstructed as this is the only vessel in the area where you can walk around the entire boat. Listen to our marine Biologist describing the many varieties of marine mammals and unique vegetation of the area and how the local landmasses evolved over time to their present form.

Then from your vantage point on either of the wide decks or the command bridge catch a glimpse of a Dall’s Porpoise or a Minke Whale as we locate a pod of Orcas.

Through our onboard hydrophones you can listen to the clicks and whistles as the nearby Orcas and Porpoises socialise.


 REVIEWER: Catherine

DATE: 10/1/2011

Perfect family activity. The kids really enjoyed this experience.


DATE: 10/1/2010

The family had so much fun. The kids loved the experience. Highly recommended family adventure.

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Victoria, BC

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