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View the spectacular beauty of the Rockies from your front row seat in this amazing mountain train ride. Board your train at Jasper Station and then ride the rails over the Yellowhead Pass, the border between Alberta and British Columbia with the magnificence of the Rockies all around you and scenery so close you could almost touch it. The train then follows the Fraser River and passes the awesome presence of Mt. Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, before arriving at Dunster. Here, your train journey ends and you can spend some time exploring the famous Dunster General Store with its amazing assortment of items from nails to chicken feed all under one roof.

The journey back to Jasper is by road in our comfortable van with plenty of stops along the way for the many photo opportunities. We shall also visit the Mt. Robson information Centre where you will definitely take pictures as the massive mountain appears so close.

With a bit of luck you will also see plenty of wildlife including bear, moose, eagles, elk and coyotes before arriving back in Jasper.


 REVIEWER: Justine

DATE: 9/1/2012

Exciting trip! Enjoyed the scenery and even saw a bear!!!


DATE: 10/1/2010

The views were really spectacular. Had a fab time during the trip. Thanks!

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