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LOCATION: Abbotsford, BC



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Learn how to shoot from one of Canada’s top instructors in a completely safe and comfortable environment. At the Shooting Range, which is one of the most beautifully situated in BC, you are introduced to our professional instructor who will familiarise you with the guns you will be firing and make sure that you have a complete understanding of the required safety procedures. You will learn the correct stance and how to approach each shot with careful controlled breathing, how to take aim and how to release the trigger to ensure accuracy at the target which seems to be sited so far away.

As you prepare to take your first shot, you first put on the necessary ear and eye protectors before slowly raising your gun to the firing position. Your heart is pumping faster as you feel the adrenalin rise, you try to control your breathing as your hands shake slightly before finally pulling the trigger. You look down the range to the target and at your instructor who confirms the miss. Don’t worry because there’s plenty more to come and with the encouragement and guidance of our instructor you will soon be experiencing the thrill of hitting the target.

During the course of your experience you will be using a 9mm Beretta, a .357 Magnum Revolver, a .22LR Semi Automatic Pistol and the largest semi automatic handgun in production today, the Desert Eagle in .50 Action Express, made famous in the Matrix Trilogy.

This is the perfect experience for getting you started in this rewarding and addictive pastime.



DATE: 5/1/2011

Best birthday gift ever! Thanks to my wife who got this for me. Learned a lot about guns.


DATE: 4/1/2011

My dad enjoyed this experience. It was our father's day gift for him.

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