Stand Up Paddle Surfing Experience



LOCATION: Vancouver, BC



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In surfing's new twist, you go with the flow standing up, adding a little Zen to the workout. For those that are not familiar with the sport, stand-up paddling entails standing on a longboard and propelling yourself with an elongated canoe paddle.

Stand-up-paddling is a great way to improve your core strength and balance, making it an ideal cross-training activity. During this private experience you will learn the principles of this exciting new sport and get to practice your skills under the watchful eye of our experienced instructor.

Recently, stand-up paddling has been taken-up by some of the most respected watermen and women in the world as a means of staying in shape and as an alternate way to ride surf.

In the southern California surfing community, women, men, seasoned surfers and neophytes alike are now grabbing paddles and taking to the water... standing-up!



DATE: 5/1/2012

This experience is crazy! Had so much fun learning this new thing.


DATE: 5/1/2011

Great sport. Enjoyed the lessons and will do more stand up paddle surfing this summer!

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Vancouver, BC

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