Whitewater Rafting Adventure - Full Day






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Experience this amazing river raft ride with a Bar-B-Q lunch at the side of the Ottawa River’s water playground. Meet at our resort base in a private bay on this beautiful section of the Ottawa River. Here you are kitted up before being transported 12km upstream for the start of your adventure. At launch site your boat captain will organize the launching of your raft and explain your part in the paddling process, together with a run through on safety procedures.

You then take your seat in the raft which has been specially designed for your comfort and total safety and your captain pushes off into the fast flowing rapids of this first section of your journey back to base. You will experience some of the most spectacular white water and churning rapids that the Ottawa River has to offer building your appetite up for the river bank Bar-B-Q awaiting you.

After lunch and having watched the continuing action on the river you’re ready for the last leg back to base which is located just below the last set of rapids.

Soon you’ll be relaxing in dry clothes, drink in hand and watching the video of your Whitewater High Adventure on the Ottawa River.



DATE: 7/1/2010

Enjoyed the rapids with my friends. Lunch was great, too.

 REVIEWER: Natalie

DATE: 7/1/2012

I'm rating this 10 out of 10. It was an adrenalin pumping adventure!

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