Whitewater Rafting Experience for Two



LOCATION: Whistler, BC



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A fantastic trip, where you both experience fun rapids and great scenery! Meet at our base where you are kitted up before being transported by road to our start point on the river. Here your boat captain will organize the launching of your raft and explain your part in the paddling process, together with a run through on safety procedures and paddling techniques in the boat on Green Lake.

You then paddle down this technical grade 3 alpine river, your guide shouting commands, with the awesome vista of snow capped peaks in view.

At the end of your ride transport awaits you for the journey back to base.


 REVIEWER: Alexandra

DATE: 8/1/2010

Boyfriend dragged me to this experience. I was scared first but then enjoyed it eventually.


DATE: 8/1/2011

My girlfriend and I enjoyed this experience. Thanks

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