Windsurfing Lesson Half Day



LOCATION: Vancouver, BC



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See how you can master this challenging sport and be at one with the wind as you cruise the waters of Vancouver’s Jericho Beach. This introduction to windsurfing begins with our professional instructor explaining the equipment you will be using, how to rig a sail and most importantly, how to keep your balance on the board whilst at the same time, controlling the direction of your board and sail. A session on our ground based simulator explains all this to you and gives you the confidence to achieve this goal when you take to the water. When you are happy with your progress our instructor will take you on the water and in carefully controlled conditions you will stand on your board and experience the adrenalin rush as you actually take control and sail with the wind.


 REVIEWER: Gabriel

DATE: 10/1/2010

The lesson was great. I learned a lot and the instructor was really patient when I couldn't get things right.


DATE: 10/1/2011

Thank you so much sis for giving me this. Learned a lot and had a great time!

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