Windsurfing Two-day Course



LOCATION: Vancouver, BC



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This challenging sport can be easily mastered under the expert tuition and guidance of our fully accredited instructors.  By the end of the experience you will be cruising the waters off Vancouver’s Jericho Beach with nothing but the wind as your companion and the thrill of knowing that you are in total control.

The experience is run over a consecutive two day program with the same instructor and covers equipment handling, sail rigging and initially the all important balance on the board in order for you to gain the confidence to handle the board and sail on the water.

A ground-based simulator, where you actually experience the water conditions without getting wet, will quickly ensure that you achieve this goal. Then on the water, you will be taught how to turn using the wind and return to where you started.

Self-rescue and safety rules are covered extensively in order to ensure that you are comfortable and confident with your exciting new sport.

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